A Time To Build

What is the "A Time to Build" Capital Campaign?

This campaign is an opportunity for us to increase our faith and invest in the future.  It's a time to be generous; to give our limited resources to an unlimited God, and to come face to face with His provision.  It's an occasion to not only dream, but to be a part of something much bigger than ourselves.

What Can I Do?

Pray: Pray that God would create in us a generous spirit that is lived out with humility, courage and faith. 

Engage: Put into practice the lessons from the sermon series "A Culture of Generosity"
  • Plan
  • Invest for Kingdom Return
  • Obey God
  • Be a Cheerful Giver      


         1.    Give on-line by e-check, debit card or credit card.  Click the drop down to
               change your giving from “General Fund” to “A Time to Build”.

         2.  Use text to give to designate your contribution, text the amount of giving and “A 
              Time to Build” next to the amount.  Example: “25 A Time to Build”.

         3.  Use on-line bill pay through your bank. Have checks sent to Bethel Church,
              P.O. Box 83889, Fairbanks AK  99708 or submit a Direct Debit Authorization
               form to the office and we can set up an automatic debit to your account.  Find 
              the form on our website under the resources tab and forms or at the Welcome
              Center at Bethel Church.

    4.  In person, or mail a check (remember to designate “A Time to Build” so we can
         keep it separate from you regular giving).