Christian Thought Forum

Bethel Church’s seventh annual Christian Thought Forum will be held on November 10 from 6:30-9:30pm and November 11 from 9am-1pm. This year, we have teamed up with Biola University to present this two-day conference titled, “Reasonable Faith in an Uncertain World.” 

Admission is free; an offering will be received.
To RSVP for childcare, please call 479-4380 by November 2.

Three keynote speakers will address some of the most pressing topics facing Christians today: 

  • Natasha Crain (a Christian parenting blogger, author, and speaker)
  • Clay Jones (author, speaker, and professor of apologetics at Biola University)
  • Craig Hazen (author, speaker, and founder and director of the apologetics program at Biola University).

Topics they will address include:

 - Why Does God Allow Evil? 

 - The Challenge of World Religions

 - Progressive Christianity: When Threats to Faith Are Less Obvious

 - Hell -- An Apology

 - Equipping the Next Generation With a Confident Faith

Listen to this and past Christian Thought Forums