A Family Church

We see ourselves as a family church, and are delighted at the number of little ones that have been added to our fellowship. We praise God for growing families!

Accommodations for You and Your Family

  • Mother’s Nursing Room (located near the restrooms on the main level)
  • Infant and toddler nursery (located on the main level)
  • Overflow seating for families in the foyer
  • Children’s Church (offered downstairs during the 9:15am service)

The Mom's Room, Infant and Toddler nursery, and the foyer have live audio and visual feeds of the service. Additionally, if you miss part of the service, messages can be obtained on our website

If for some reason an infant needs to be with you in the auditorium and they become restless, please be considerate of the larger body by taking them out to the foyer.

Conducive to Corporate Worship

We, at Bethel Church, strive to provide a setting that is not only conducive to corporate worship but also accommodates our young families. 


If you have other questions or comments, please let us know.