Christian Thought Forum

The Christian Thought Forum, or "CTF," is our annual two-day apologetics conference that features some of the brightest Christian thinkers, equipping people to respond to challenges to their faith and to become more effective ambassadors for Christ. 

In 2023 we were excited to host Paul Gould, Ph.D., an associate professor of philosophy of religion and the director of the M.A. in Philosophy of Religion at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Gould has authored multiple books on philosophy and apologetics, including A Good and True Story: Eleven Clues to Understanding Our Universe and Your Place in It and Stand Firm: Apologetics and the Brilliance of the Gospel (co-authored with Travis Dickinson and R. Keith Loftin).

Our second speaker was, Travis Dickinson, Ph.D., who has also authored multiple books and is a professor of philosophy at Dallas Baptist University. He attended Alaska Bible College, Biola University, and the University of Iowa. His most recent book--Wandering Toward God: Finding Faith amid Doubts and Big Questions--was named Book of the Year by Outreach Magazine.

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