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There were walls between us

By the cross You came and broke them down

You broke them down, 

And there were chains around us

By Your grace we are no longer bound, 

No longer bound

You called me out of the grave

You called me into the light

You called my name and then my heart came alive

Your love is greater,

Your love is stronger

Your love awakens awakens awakens me

Feel the darkness shaking, 

All the dead are coming back to life

I’m back to life, 

Hear the song awaken

All creation singing we’re alive, 

‘Cause You’re alive

And what a love we’ve found, 

Death can’t hold us down

We shout it out, 

We’re alive ‘cause You’re alive

Your love awakens me, 

Your love is greater, 

Your love is stronger

You’re love awakens awakens awakens me

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Though the nations rage, Kingdoms rise and fall, 

There is still one King, Reigning over all

So I will not fear, 

For this truth remains

That my God is the Ancient of Days

None above Him none before Him

All of time in His hands

For His throne it shall remain and ever stand

All the power all the glory

I will trust in His name

For my God is the Ancient of days

Though the dread of night, 

Overwhelms my soul

He is here with me, 

I am not alone

O His love is sure, 

And He knows my name

For my God is the Ancient of Days

Though I may not see

What the future brings

I will watch and wait

For the Saviour king

Then my joy complete

Standing face to face

In the presence of the Ancient of Days

For my God is the Ancient of Days

CCLI Song # 7121851 © 2018 CityAlight Music and Remaining portion is unaffiliated


Our Father everlasting, 

The all creating One

God Almighty, 

Through Your Holy Spirit

Conceiving Christ the Son,

Jesus our Saviour

I believe in God our Father, 

I believe in Christ the Son

I believe in the Holy Spirit, 

Our God is three in One

I believe in the resurrection, 

That He will rise again

For I believe in the Name of Jesus

Our judge and our defender, 

Suffered and crucified

Forgiveness is in You, 

Descended into darkness

You rose in glorious life, 

Forever seated high

I believe in You, I believe You rose again, 

I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord

I believe in life eternal, 

I believe in the virgin birth

I believe in the saints’ communion, 

And in Your holy Church

I believe in the resurrection, 

When Jesus comes again

For I believe in the Name of Jesus

CCLI Song # 7018338 © 2014 Hillsong Music Publishing


He is Lord He is Lord

He is risen from the dead

And He is Lord

Ev’ry knee shall bow

Ev’ry tongue confess

That Jesus Christ is Lord

CCLI Song # 1515225 © 1986 Wordspring Music, LLC (Admin. by W.B.M. Music Corp.) Word Music, LLC


The moon and stars they wept, 

The morning sun was dead

The Savior of the world was fallen, 

His body on the cross

His blood poured out for us, 

The weight of every curse upon Him

One final breath He gave,

As heaven looked away

The Son of God was laid in darkness, 

A battle in the grave

The war on death was waged, 

The power of hell forever broken

The ground began to shake, 

The stone was rolled away

His perfect love could not be overcome

Now death where is your sting, 

Our resurrected King has rendered you defeated

Now forever He is glorified, 

Forever He is lifted high

And forever He is risen, 

He is alive and He is alive

We sing hallelujah we sing hallelujah, 

We sing hallelujah the Lamb has overcome

We sing hallelujah we sing hallelujah, We sing hallelujah

CCLI Song # 7001228 © 2013 Bethel Music


Then sings my soul, my Savior God to Thee

How great Thou art, How great Thou art

Then sings my soul, my Savior God to Thee

How great Thou art, How great Thou art, How great Thou art


In the darkness we were waiting, 

Without hope without light

Till from Heaven You came running,

There was mercy in Your eyes

To fulfill the law and prophets, 

To a virgin came the Word

From a throne of endless glory, 

To a cradle in the dirt

Praise the Father, 

Praise the Son

Praise the Spirit three in one

God of Glory, Majesty

Praise forever to the King of Kings

To reveal the kingdom coming, 

And to reconcile the lost

To redeem the whole creation, 

You did not despise the cross

For even in Your suffering, 

You saw to the other side

Knowing this was our salvation, 

Jesus for our sake You died

And the morning that You rose, 

All of heaven held its breath

Till that stone was moved for good, 

For the Lamb had conquered death

And the dead rose from their tombs, 

And the angels stood in awe

For the souls of all who’d come, 

To the Father are restored

And the Church of Christ was born, 

Then the Spirit lit the flame

Now this Gospel truth of old, 

Shall not kneel shall not faint

By His blood and in His Name, 

In His freedom I am free

For the love of Jesus Christ, 

Who is my resurrected King

CCLI Song # 7127647 © 2019 Hillsong Music Publishing Australia

All songs used under Bethel Church Fairbanks, AK CCLI License # 2946571