CORE Bible Certificate Program

It's time to strengthen your CORE


CORE is a Bible certificate program created by Bethel Church that will:

  • Boost your knowledge and understanding of Scripture
  • Grow you knowledge of God and His work in the world, which will increase you capacity to enjoy Him
  • Give you greater confidence in the truth of the Christian faith in the face of attacks from atheists and secularists
  • Heighten your ability to detect false and harmful teachings about God
  • Train you to better share your faith with others, including family, friends, and co-workers
  • Equip you to help others grow in spiritual maturity, including your children

Don't Neglect your Spiritual Core

Balance, Power, Stability

Fitness experts talk about the need for people to strengthen their body's physical core - the central muscles from your hips to shoulders that give your body power, balance, and stability. Almost every physical activity you do either originates in your core or moves through it, so have a weak core can impair how well the rest of your body functions.

Have you Developed your Spiritual Core?

Having a strong physical core is important, but having a strong spiritual core is even more important. The apostle Paul said, "Physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come."

It's For YOU

The CORE program is ideal for anyone involved in some form of teaching ministry (whether that's youth and children's work, women's work, preaching or leading a small group). It is also useful if you're simply someone who wants to get to know God better and become a more competent ambassador for Him. 

7 Classes

The program consists of seven classes, plus one ultra-strength-building exercise. The classes are:

  • Old Testament Fluency  

    This course will equip people to recognize and locate approximately 250 of the most important events, characters, and themes in the Old Testament.

  • New Testament Fluency 

    This course will equip people to recognize and locate approximately 150 of the most important events, characters, and themes in the New Testament.


  • Hermeneutics

    Students will learn basic interpretive skills such as reading in light of genres and understanding the historical and grammatical contexts of a passage.


  • Discipleship (Rooted) 

    Students will be trained in ten key areas of following Christ.


  • Basic Theology 

    Students will explore key doctrines of the Christian faith.


  • Sharing your Faith 

    Students will learn and hone skills in sharing the gospel with others.


  • Christian Apologetic (answering tough questions for skeptics) 

    This class will equip students to answer some of the most common “tough questions” skeptics raise against the Christian faith.


  • Read through the Bible

    This strength-building exercise will expose each student to the whole of God’s Word.


Classes are Offered Sunday Mornings

Classes will be offered Sunday mornings, 11am to 12pm (during second service), upstairs in Room 310. Summer sessions will also be available. The classes will keep rotating so that someone can jump in at any time. The entire program can be completed in three years - or even sooner, if desired, through guided self-study.

Classes will be taught by Bethel Church pastors, elders, and qualified teachers.

There's No Cost, Just Time & Effort

There's no financial cost. The program has been intentionally designed to benefit people who may not have the resources to attend a traditional Bible college. Your investment will be time and effort. Students should be able to set aside about three hours a week - one for the class and two for homework.

What Happens when I Graduate?

In addition to the benefits of having developed a strong spiritual core, you'll get a cool certificate to hang on your wall. You'll have  deepened friendships with those who've gone through the program with you. You'll walk away with a new library. After you satisfactorily complete a class, you will get to keep the books that were used in that class. By the time you finish the program, you'll have built a library of solid Christian resources - tools you'll need to continue working out your spiritual core!